Marvelous Monday

I have so much to be Thankful for in the past week I feel like a Marvelous Monday post is in order.

#1- We get to start work on the top floor of our house (renter moved out)! That means TIME TO NEST! I can’t wait to work on little baby Madelyn’s nursery. Maybe I’ll do an idea board post… or you can just stalk me on Pinterest


#2- This little guy is finally over his pneumonia. I think our house is finally illness-free (hubby is finishing up his last few days of antibiotics) and ready to decorate for Christmas…

photo 3

#3- …speaking of decorating. We are putting up our tree tonight! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

#4- I’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow. Everything is going well! Looking forward to meeting my baby girl. 

photo 5

#5- Is it sad that my child asks to go to Target and knows where it is? Probably. But look how cute he is. :)

photo 1

#6- Yesterday, Mason said I was his best friend. I almost cried. Then, a couple hours later he said Lola was his best friend, too. Guess I’m not really that special. :)


#6- Last but certainly not least- I’m super thankful for this joke…

photo 4


  1. I’m so glad to hear that my son is not the only one that LOVES Target! He just threw a fit because I told him we were going but he had to take a nap first. Can’t blame them though, I love it too!

  2. I’m so happy to hear that your son & hubby are feeling much better. Being sick, especially during the Holiday season is just no fun & really shouldn’t be able to happen!

    Hope your Monday has started off wonderful
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