Monday Make-up


Good morning! I have so much to cover this morning.

First- My 5k this weekend went GREAT! I PR’d and I got second in my age group! I’m so happy!

I didn’t get around to doing my recap and links to love yesterday. I haven’t been feeling great and I decided to just rest while I could. To sum up last week- I didn’t do much. I was just physically exhausted and since I knew I had the race Saturday, I took it easy.

If you need some reading for your holiday, here are some good articles I came across last week:

Plane Travel the Healthy Way- This is a really cool info-graphic about traveling for the holidays. I fly a lot and I still learned something from it. I have some new strategies for skipping over the nasty airport snacks and sticking to some cleaner eating.

Party On- We all need some healthy eating strategies for this time of year. This is full of great ideas!

Toxins vs. Tradition- What will win on your Thanksgiving table?- I was amazed at some of the things all this “delicious” Thanksgiving food has in it. This article goes through the traditional foods we eat at Thanksgiving and tells us what is actually in them and also gives alternative ideas.

Quiz: How Healthy Savvy Are You?- Just for fun. Take the quiz and let me know what you score!


Before I get to Motivational Monday I also want to share with you that I guest posted over on Artemis Prime today. You definitely need to check out my article on exercising while traveling. I think it’s pretty good. :)


Now, what you are all here for- MOTIVATION!

Is it just me, or are the holidays the hardest time to keep your routines? Especially your work out routines? I think we all need an extra kick in the pants right now. Don’t get me wrong, we all deserve a day off here and there, but if you are anything like me, once you miss one day of routine, it is really hard to get back on track. On thing that has really helped me- or at least I hope it helps me as we get deeper in to the season- is to remember to be thankful that I even have the ability to get up and exercise each morning.  There are so many that physically can’t do what so many of us take for granted every day. Every morning, I’m thankful to wake up and experience another day with my family and friends and I’m also thankful that it is one more day that I can run.


  1. Was browsing my twitter this morning and saw a Greatist RT of your instagram contest goodies, so I clicked through to your blog and I think it’s adorably inspirational. I’m also live in Nashville and reading your random running thoughts really perked up my Monday morning! I took the Greatist ‘How Health Savvy Are You?’ and scored 7/10 :) Will definitely visit your blog again!

  2. congrats on the pr and the 2nd place! thats wonderful!!! i hope that you start to feel better soon and back to your 100% self!! thanks for the awesome motivation! spa <3

  3. Congratulations Lindsey on your accomplishment of placing 2nd place in your age group. I checked out your on exercising while traveling and yes I am about to travel soon, and I will take my running and situps with me. :) I may get some swimming in also.

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