Plank pose

The plank pose in yoga needs balancing on the arms. This pose is destined to tone the abdominal muscles in addition to consolidation the arms, shoulders, as well as wrists. This pose is considered to be a customary yoga pose, and it does not include specific patterns of inhaling or respiring. The main advantage of this pose is that it supports to tone the chest area, the stomach area, and the lower back. The plank pose likewise makes the spine physiques stronger, which develops the posture over time.You will want to be cautious and not perform the complete version of the plank pose if you are ailing from carpal tunnel […]

Peacock mayurasana pose

The peacock pose is an advanced yet very easy to execute yoga technique for mind and body rejuvenation. The peacock pose gets its name from the Mayura, which means peacock and asana which means pose in ancient Sanskrit. Aside from its magnificent look and smug attitude, the peacock prides itself in a stomach resistant to poison. This might have been the general inspiration for this name because the Peacock pose will do wonders to your digestive system. But we’ll come to that later.   First, it should be noted that there are two basic types of the peacock pose: the regular asana and the advanced peacock pose. In the basic […]

The yoga monkey pose

Splitting the legs in a forward and back movement while on a leaping space produces the monkey pose. The key to this pose is to relax completely and let the body parts move to their rhythm. One can either choose to have the right forward and the left back or vice versa. The pose is defined by having the back knees straightened until the limit of the stretch is attained. When one chooses to have the right heel forward, he should push it farther away from the torso and maintain the knee cap to the ceiling position. It is required to stay in the pose for at least 30 seconds […]

Lotus Pose and its Benefits

Lotus pose is an advanced sitting position in yoga and has very important benefits in terms of health and keeping the mind relaxed. The pose is done by crossing your legs while sitting and ensuring your spine is in a vertical position. This makes it appropriate for concentration and meditation. The pose is also known as Padmasana. The palms are put down while sitting on the floor stretching your legs out in front of you. Bring the leg on the lower side upwards to form a cradle while bending the right knee. Ensure the outer side of the left foot lies on the crook of the elbow on the left […]

Locust Pose

Yoga is all about connecting your body with the soul and delivering marvelous benefits to its users. One of the most effective postures of yoga includes the name of ‘Locust Pose’. It can seem to be difficult in the initial stages, but as the time will pass, your flexible body will be able to perform it in an effortless manner. The steps to be followed while performing locust pose are mentioned as follows: 1. Lie down on the floor in such a way that your belly touches it. Inhale and move your left leg in the upward direction. You must ensure that your hips remain in the same immovable position […]

How to Do Yoga Hero Pose

Hero Pose or also known as Virasana in Sanskrit is great yoga pose for thighs, ankles and knees. Regularly exercising the pose will help your digestion. However, you must learn how to do the exercise correctly and you must know what it does for you. Instruction to Perform the Pose 1. Before performing exercise, you will need a folded blanket to wedge between thighs and calves. Kneel down on the floor and wedge the blanket. However, you could perform with folded blanket if necessary. Keep thighs perpendicular against the ground and bring both knees together until they touch each other. Keep your feet wide and if possible wider than hips. […]

Happy baby pose

When it comes to yoga and stretching there are many things that can be done .However the ultimate one is the happy baby pose, does much more than just stretch making it the very best. Do not be fooled by the name as it has nothing to do with babies. How to do this pose Doing this pose right is very important as this is the only way you will be able to reach your body’s full potential. You have to start by laying on your back on a smooth surface and bring your legs on to your chest. Carve your legs so as to reach the soles of the […]

The Handstand Pose: Adho Mukha Vrkasana

Like all its other inverted cousins, the headstand and the forearm balance, the major challenge when it comes to the handstand is the fear of falling to the ground. Before performing the handstand pose you should first ensure that there are no decorations or pictures on the wall where you will be executing the handstand. To perform the handstand correctly you will first, need to place your fingertips a couple of inches away from the wall that is directly above you. In case your shoulders are tight you will be required to turn your index fingers outwards slightly. When you are ready, steady your shoulder blades alongside your back torso. […]

Parighasana – Stretching In The Gate Pose

The gate pose or the Parighasana is a stretching yoga that strengthens your oblique, opens up your shoulder, helps reduce shoulder and neck tension and also improves breathing. How to do the gate pose Kneel on your mat with hips and foot up off your leg. Keep your thighs perpendicular to the floor and inner knees together. Extend your right leg towards your right with your foot touching the ground. Your kneecap should be facing towards the ceiling as you stretch out your legs stretched straight. If your pelvis turns slightly to your right it is not a problem but make sure that your upper body is facing front. Extend […]

Fish Pose: Your Ultimate Beneficial Yoga Exercise Pose

Of all the yoga exercise poses, fish pose has proved to be the best. There are many reasons why men and women alike prefer fish pose than any other style of practicing yoga. As you will learn, it has some of the most practical steps in actualizing it. Additionally, fish pose has potential benefits that will help you embrace yoga for the rest of your life. What is fish pose? How is it achieved? What are the inevitable benefits of employing this kind of a pose? Let us tackle these questions one after another. Even as we do so, be keen to see how you can perfect your exercises. What […]