Wordless Wednesday

Ok, maybe just a few words. :) Doing an picture dump from my phone. 

Our life lately…

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When your expectations are too high

I feel like I’m pretty good at setting realistic expectations when it comes to my fitness level, but since having baby #2, I am really struggling. I’m officially 6 weeks postpartum and I thought my grand return to running and working out would be more… grand. 

know that I can’t expect to just strap on my running shoes and pick up where I left off, but in the back of my mind, I was hoping it wouldn’t be as hard as it has been. I pictured my hair blowing in the wind, a determined smile on my face, fast miles, shouting to people ,”I just had a baby and I’m already a rock star”.

As it turns out, it’s hard work. I’m not fast. My legs hurt. My thighs are on fire. I can’t catch my breath. My shorts keep riding up. I really wanted to just head back home. 

I know I’m not alone in this. I know there are a lot of us that set too high expectations or goals for ourselves and want to just quit when we aren’t to the level we think we should be.

Don’t quit.


It’s ok to change your expectations and your goals. I’m not sure when we all decided it was wrong to change goals, but it isn’t. You aren’t a failure because you realize you can’t run a marathon after training for 4 weeks. You were just a crazy person to think you could in the first place. Sometimes you have to start doing something so you can see where you are and where you want to go. 

I was thinking a possible half-marathon at the end of April, but now I realize that probably isn’t in the cards for me. 

Goal changed. Life didn’t end.

So next time you feel like you must be doing it all wrong because you don’t look like a Baywatch babe running down the sidewalk, or you aren’t as fast as the runner across the street from you, remember that you have to start somewhere and it isn’t an overnight process. 

Take it one step at a time. Literally.


Well, hello there inspiration

Ok, I didn’t really make the big comeback I wanted to. There was/is a major lack of energy in this house. I’ve been hemming and hawing about whether or not to get back in to the blog. After a few weeks and numerous post ideas popping up in my head, I think I’ll give it a go. I may do a little more posting on motherhood and life in general, but I will always have some great fitness inspiration for you guys. :)

What are we up to now?…


Little Madelyn showed up on January 8. Of course, if you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen how obsessed we all are with her- especially her big brother. 

Today was my first post-baby run. It was slow and tough, but I loved every second of it. What a great reminder that just getting out there is what’s important. I’m already signed up to do the Expedition Everest race with my dad again in May. I better get to steppin’ because he is sure we will beat our time from last year. :)

Ok, so, hopefully you’ll see me back here sooner rather than later. It feels good to be back. I miss you all!! 



My dad

Last time I was home visiting my parents I found a ‘story book’ I wrote back in elementary school. It was called “Gary the Gallant”. I’m guess we were studying alliterations or something like that, but in any case, I chose to write a heroic story and my main character was based on my dad. 

I guess he has always been one of my heroes. 


And yesterday, he out-did himself again.

My dad and I are pretty competitive. I can only assume that’s why he started distance running after I did last year. Of course, at first, I was better than him and life was great, but that soon came to an end and now he beasts me every single race. I’m not sure I’ll ever be as fast or run as far as he does.

He ran his first half marathon in January 2013 in Miami and just yesterday, he ran his first full. That’s insane to me. Just running a full marathon and not dying is crazy to me, but to have started running and have completed a full within about a year and a half is super crazy.


(He’s the one in Auburn orange and blue, not the old man in the red :))

Of course, it was 80+ degrees in South Florida yesterday so I know he didn’t meet his time goals, but I can’t be any more proud of him for just finishing. I wish I could have been there to cheer him on.


Anyway, sorry to get all mushy on y’all. Enjoy your Monday!

Eat what you will


It’s that time of year.

The holidays! 

And everyone is freaking out about food. 

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think you should be paying attention to what you eat always, but why are you stressing out about every calorie when you should just be focused on enjoying this time of year? 

Does your mom only make your favorite cookies at Christmas-time? Then have one! Don’t have 45, but why would you deprive yourself of a fun family tradition? I wouldn’t.

Do you LOVE Thanksgiving food? Then enjoy one day of craziness and get it together after that.

I just get tired of all the 4,853,04 articles that come out this time of year about “surviving the holiday parties”. Don’t be the weirdo in the corner- grab a plate! 

Moderation, moderation, moderation. You do it all year, just carry it through the holiday season. Don’t try to be more strict on yourself this time of year. Maybe even splurge a little. I won’t tell on you. :)

Now I’m going to have a white chocolate Oreo…