Camel Pose

For Yoga enthusiasts, the go-to front body stretch pose is probably the camel pose. Also known as Ustrasana, the pose is beneficial in many ways to the body in terms of stretching. It is a backbend stretch that is generally done to prepare the body for deeper and more intense back bends. This yoga pose is especially good in relieving back and neck pain and can be done practically anywhere with minimal room to stretch and refresh quickly. Also it can be done as a part of a larger yoga sequence. Camel pose has many advantages to the body, if doe right, that is. But first, let us look at […]

Cat Yoga Pose

Usually the cat yoga pose do educate people on ways of initiating different movements from the center of the body thus enhancing the coordinating of a person’s breath and movement. These are the two most crucial themes when it comes to Asana practice. The alignment of the body depends on the pelvis positioning. Thus, it is important to consider your hip positioning whenever you pose. This is important because the spine is usually an important line of energy in each pose reason been , how the spine does stretch depends on the way the pelvis is turning. The steps below will help you understand more about Cat Yoga pose. STEP […]

How to Perform Four Limbed Staff Yoga Pos

Four limbed staff pose is one of the most common Yoga physical body movements in the world today. The numerous health benefits that can be derived from it are one of the most plausible reasons why people love it. Let us look at some steps on how to perform it correctly. 1# The first step entails firming your shoulder blades against your back ribs before pressing your tailbone towards tour pubis 2# Exhale and lower your legs and torso just a few inches above and parallel to the floor. In most cases, this pose forces the lower back to significantly sway toward the floor and the tailbone to poke upwards […]

Downward-Facing Dog : Benefits and a Step-by-step Guide

Here is a simple, step by step guide on how to do the Yoga pose, “Downward-facing dog”. I will also talk about some of the amazing benefits of this pose, after the instructional guide. This is the method of getting into the pose from standing: 1. Stand on the mat with your feet hip width apart and toes spread apart to distribute your balance evenly. Keep your arms at your sides. 2. Bend forward at the waist, putting your palms firmly on the mat with your fingers pointing forward and spread apart for balance. Keep your back straight and bend the knees if necessary. 3. Keeping your hands parallel to […]

Pigeon Yoga Pose for Melting Tension

The Pigeon Pose in Yoga (also called eka pada rajakapotasana) is a four-part Yoga posture, and it originates from kapota, which is a name for “pigeon” in Sanskrit. It involves two vital stages, the first one being a one-legged king pigeon and the last stage is the yogis arc where the person’s extended leg is positioned up and the clasp of the foot is placed behind the head. Doing this opens up the hip region, and thus this pose is also referred to as a “Hip Opener”. It unlocks people’s deepest fears and anxieties by releasing all the pressures put on the two lower chakras, which are the sacral and […]

Easy steps to a successful bridge pose

Bridge stretch has become a common gymnastic exercise in many countries.With many people doing the bridge pose for health benefits,some do it just to impress their peers.This has gradually improved fitness among the participants resulting to adorable flexibility.But just as any other exercise,it has to be done according to a set of steps that will help avoid injuries and make it easy.Many bridge poses are conducted wrongly leading to painful muscle pulls and acute exhaustion.Below are steps that are recommended by both gymnasiums and health ministries for an easy bridge stone successful. 1.GET YOUR BODY READY FOR A BRIDGE POSITION. Both experts and beginners have to stretch their arms so […]

How to do cobra stretch pose

A discipline meant to tone one’s body as well as his or her mind, Yoga is one of the most ancient practices of its type. While there are a number of exercises meant to perfectly tune both your physique as well as your mind, today we will be focusing on just one: the Cobra Pose. Although named after a species of venomous snakes, the Cobra Pose is meant to bring relief, not pain. Particularly useful for people who stay in front of a computer for long periods of time, the Cobra Pose brings relief to both your abs as well as your spine. Benefits of the Cobra Pose Though simple […]